Well a warm welcomed to you and I first wanted to say that you see that there is a list parts on the top of the page here and it shows the G numbers and many other items. Well I want to be clear here first off is that we do have all these parts for these G numbers. And I will be honest it is all small stuff for most of the G numbers you see listed here on this blog. I mean there are going to be people thinking that we may have tracks or bigger pieces for there vehicles well that is not true here at Red Arrow for we might come across some of the bigger stuff in the near future but that does not mean that you can not send me a list of what your looking for. For I do keep a list of people on my desk here with that wish list that they need when it comes to the parts. So from what I am saying please send me anything your looking for I mean we might have it or maybe we know someone that does.

Secondly here I am still trying to figure out this whole blog page as of yet. I am not a blog master by no means here. Just trying to establish a solid page for people to come and see what we have here to offer at Red Arrow. Now all the prices we can work with as you see here on this blog page. All you have to do is send me a friendly email and let me know your thoughts to what your thinking as far as that price goes here. We want to be fair here at Red Arrow.

I know that there is a lot of questions that you may have to how did we find all these parts and I will tell you that it was the parts found us here at Red Arrow. For I can share that when you would like to chat with us here. But in closing this welcome page out, enjoy the little you see here for I am going to try to list as many parts as I can hear. But you have to remember that I am a human being that is on only 24 hours a day here. But I will do my best to service the people that need that parts from us here.

With that all said, take care of yourself and take care of the people around you and many blessings to you and your families out there.

–Bryan at Red Arrow

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